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Little L.A.M.B.S (Living As My Bible Says) is our nursery/toddler ministry for little ones from new born to 4 years old! But it is more than just a nursery/toddler ministry where you drop children while you are in the worship service.  Little L.A.M.B.S is a place where your little ones will be loved on and cared for with the heart of Jesus.

We understand that the importance of sharing the love of Jesus Christ with all children, even with the smallest of babies.  During Little L.A.M.B.S, they are told Bible stories as they do color sheets and other activities such as crafts that go with the Bible lesson.  If you have a really small Lamb (a baby) that isn’t old enough for the activities, that’s ok… they will still be loved on and prayed over while you are in worship.


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